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Look back on Dutch Design Week


someonelivesherebywendymahieuThis time of year every designer, creative in interior- or product design is looking forward to this big event in Eindhoven. For those who don’t know Eindhoven, it is a upcoming Design city where nowadays the designers from the Design Academy stay after graduating, what makes the city very interesting at the moment. It was good to be back in The Netherlands. At least I could join my favourite event of the year, see what is happening in the design world in The Netherlands and meet up with new and old -friend- designers. I wish I could have more time to check out everything going on in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week.

I spotted some new designers and products that I want to share with you. Specially Morphologies by Sarah-Linda Forrer and Meet the wicker by Chudy and Grase. For some reason the weaving technique got my attention. I think there is a new trend coming up –weaving in more different ways.

Things I loved during the DDW | An invitation from home by Debby Yu (weaving technique) |  Piet Hein Eek By Borre textile someonelivesherebywendymahieuSomeoneliveshereblogbywendymahieusomeonelivesherebywendymahieusomeonelivesherebywendymahieusomeoneliveshereblogbywendymahieusomeonelivesherebywendymahieu

Sarah linda Forrer A collection of mystical skin care tools. Morphologies connects beauty and spirituality by bringing another dimension into our everyday skin care rituals.  She designed a collection of facial skin care tools inspired by Egyptian beliefs and habits. Hardwood, sponge and Himalayan salt cristal morph together with new materials to become cleansing tools. How amazing, it looks so beautiful. I want this!


My favourite this year was Meet the Wicker by Chudy and Grase and lucky me I had the change to have a little chitchat with the lovely designer Jasmine Grase. Meet the Wicker  -basket, stool and cabinet – aims to emphasize the strength of collaboration of craft and industry. The traditional craft of wickers is developed in Latvia where the experience goes back for ages. The industrial metal frame and tradional craft aims to stay away from the crafty look and gives it a very stylish presence. I always loved functional design and as you can see the basket can transform in a coffee table, accessory for pillows or blankets, how handy! Especially with a concrete floor and a touch of white it looks great. What do you think?

Chudy and Grase “ We design to create everyday furniture and products with little moments of discovery by going back to zero and looking all around us “
Check out their video story behind the design and craftsmanship you will love it!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comment section below. Love Wendy

Photography: Morphologies by Matthijs Mentink | Wendy Mahieu Styling | Carpet by Debby Yu | Meet the Wicker by Chudy and Grase




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