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Someoneliveshere blogSpring means passage to lighter colours and fabrics as we all do in fashion, but why not change your interior more in that way.

To lighten up your home, you can do this in many different ways, or simply start with more green or flowers in your home. Replace dark colours for light colours and mix clean lines with softer shapes. Stick to a neutral palette and feel the relaxed refinement come into your home.

This season you will see more softened lines en lightweight layers to decorate your home. Special 100% linen in ton sur ton colours is a new trend that we see a lot nowadays.

Soon I will start a new feature on my blog –Shop the style– which means I give you inspiration where to buy unique design items or objects in style for your home. I’m curious to know what is your new design item at home?

Love WendySpring Lighting up by Someonelives
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