A fresh new year


qouteHi Folks,

I’m back from holidays and have lots of new energy and creative ideas. Well I can say; I’m ready to ROCK 2015! And you?
A fresh New Year just started and don’t we all make new and exciting plans for 2015? I got so inspired by

this last quote and it gave me the inspiration to make this post and show you some home styling I did on instagram.

Last year I decided to move for 6 months to New York. So excited we were; I was feeling a fear to because I just started my own company in interiordesign, concept & styling. So to leave it all was scary but I knew New York would give me inspiration for years to come and who hasn’t dreamed about living in the Big Apple? And looking back it has been a life changing experience.

To go back on this quote –Feel the fear and do it anyways– is my new saying for 2015, because what I learned last year is definitely not going for safe decisions, a new journey always opens new doors which you didn’t know existed, so do it anyway.

Believe in your dream and work hard to achieve it. It will always come back to you!

I love to welcome you all here on Someone Lives Here. I want to thank you all and hope you got inspired by Someone Lives Here.

Wish you a creative journey on this new chapter.
Love Wen






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