New York get away



The last days of summer -is what they say, but in the meantime it’s bloody hot in the City. You can’t walk around without sweating. For me it doesn’t feel like end of summer at all as a Dutchie.

In August the ‘New Yorker’ from the West Village escape town for the Hamptons and I can’t blame them. The only people you’ll see walking around in West-Village are tourists that got lost, serious! Because some of you where interested in The Hamptons, like I do, I am showing our get away and the beautiness of nature.

For us it was the perfect and easy get away to escape from the hectic city life. We rented a little cottage in the middle of the forest. It feels like being on a luxury camping, in a stunning cottage (no pics sorry). As you can tell from the pics, it was a cold summer week. But hey, we did want to leave the heat behind! And we fully enjoyed every hour sitting outside as long as possible and enjoying fresh air and good wine!

For now I’m dreaming away…


Fotografie Wendy Mahieu Styling

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