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Brick wall and light simplicity


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Olso restaurant design by Borja García Studio is placed in an amazing white building completed in the year 1850, in the heart of the city of Valencia. It’s a perfect mix off industrial and softness. That’s what I call it – for me that means a feeling within a space: warmth, personal and a soft feeling in a sophisticated environment. The raw mix of the XIX Century brick wall, wooden beams and the simplicity in the design gives an informal and intimate character.

Pieces like the Mava chair or the Núcleo table made from natural oak of the Punt company, together with different pieces specially designed for this project; provide quality and softness to the space, reflecting a simple and pure image.

But before it’s weekend and you heading off with friends to your favourite restaurant or maybe you’re lucky and are visiting Valencia for the weekend –You never know- check out this cool spot.

I’m looking forward to this Friday afternoon as in “Smile there’s wine “ with friends as the say on the wall –love that quote-. It’s has been a busy but week within new interior styling projects that I’m working on and feeling blessed. Soon more.

Hope you got that same yeah feeling and now it’s almost time to celebrate the weekend!



Courtesy of Borja García Studio (Architect Borja García and Laura Ros)

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